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No matter the size, every item in our store is carefully vetted for quality and, to the best of our knowledge, authenticity.

We've taken away most of the guesswork with clear descriptions and lots of photos. If you want more info, just let us know.

We pack securely and ship fast, and truly hope you'll love your new treasure. If you don't, no worries. Just return it within 30 days for a full refund.

does this look familiar?

Have you ever received a package so poorly wrapped that the contents rattled? Did 40th or knockoff bits turn up in a set that was supposed to be vintage? Sadly, we know many collectors who’ve been there.

so we decided to raise the bar!


The quality of our goods and the level of service we provide our customers.


To ensure they match our own expectations as collectors.


  • Vet each item carefully for condition and authenticity.
  • Provide clear, concise descriptions to eliminate guesswork.
  • Include lots of photos from as many angles as possible.
  • Offer simple checkout and payment options.
  • Carefully bag and/or wrap each item.
  • Securely pack with heavy duty boxes and fresh packing material.
  • Provide tracking information as soon as a package is shipped.
  • Promptly answer questions about an item, shipping, pricing, etc.
  • Provide a courteous service experience overall (because that’s what we’d expect ourselves.)

for collectors. by collectors.

CaliGeff (aka Geff and Helene) have over 10 years experience selling 1:6 scale vintage action figures, and a ton of positive eBay feed backs from satisfied customers. A big ‘Thank you!’ to all who’ve visited our caligeff store on eBay. We appreciate your past business and look forward to serving you again. We wouldn’t be doing this without you.

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1:6 Scale GI Joe & Action Man Deep Sea Divers’ Belts

Which dive belt goes with which set? It all depends on whether the belt was made in Hong Kong or Japan, the number of actual lead weights (not plastic stand-ins), and finally, whether it has a crotch strap. GI Joe Weights: GI Joe started with eight lead weights and trickled…

1:6 Scale Vintage GI Joe & Action Man TNT

Years back, it used to be a simple task matching a 1:6 scale dynamite stick to a vintage GI Joe set. Nowadays, with all the Action Man and other Hasbro licensed foreign bits making their way across the pond, we felt that a chart that identified the origins of this…