1:6 Scale M60 Variations

“Due to circumstances” as my mother used to say, it’s entirely possible for you to encounter three versions of the vintage 1:6 scale M:60, each with subtle differences. The reason for this stems from the availability of Hasbro licensed European accessories that are finding their way to American shores:

  • The vintage M60 with the Hasbro R stamp, and black and gold painted details was used in both GI Joe (1967 Heavy Weapons carded,  Action Marine Automatic Machine Gun carded set, and the 1968 Action Soldier Combat box) and Action Man (Infantry Support Weapons card, and a Machine Gun with ammo box window box set, and the early issue Commando). These M60’s are identical. Reason being?  Accessories for Hasbro USA sets as well as European licensees were manufactured in the same Hong Kong based Hasbro factories.
  • A finely detailed, unpainted M60 with the Hasbro R stamp was issued with the 1983 Action Man Commando set. It is identical to the first issue, and is likely unpainted for the same reason the Pygmy gorilla (for instance) went from painted eyes and pink tongue to a monochromatic paint jobbie to no paint at all. It was cheaper to make.
  • An M60 with coarser details (looks to be manufactured using a well used original mold) and the typical black and gold paint trim has a subtle divot where the Hasbro stamp should be. This version is a 1970’s Geyper Man carded accessory.

This reference chart was compiled to help collectors identify GI Joe and Action Man 1:6 scale accessories. We prefer to call them a work in progress, with room for additions, updates and the odd massaging of details. And photos. Lots of lovely photos.

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