about us

Geff Keough

Geff grew up in Silicon Valley, California, back in the days when apricot orchards grew on the land where Apple Corporate offices stand today. Lazy summer days were spent in the back yard with the Adventure Team. 

Fast forward to the 1990’s, when the Classic Collection rekindled his interest in GI Joe. Ten years later, CaliGeff was opened. A few years later, the family moved to Florida’s sunny shores, where the GI Joe business continues to thrive.


Helene was born in Singapore during the colonial days, to an RAF Officer and his American wife. Dad had wanted a son, which wasn’t to be, so Helene filled the gap, building balsa wood models and listening to wartime stories. 

Never one to play with Barbie, Helene acquired her first Action Man figure several years ago, shortly after she started to man (pun intended) the CaliGeff store. Not surprisingly, it was a RAF Ground Crew lad. 

Peter, Harry and Chuck 

After several years of folks asking if our action figure accessories were ‘full size’, a few of our 1:6 scale GI Joe and Action Man lads (imagination needed here) and with their helpful nature (and rugged good looks) provided a perfect size comparison for the accessories we listed.

While the lads appreciate kind words and compliments, I better mention that they are not for sale. Sorry, folks. 


Our story would not be complete without tipping our hat to a little rescue hound (thank you Big Dog Ranch!) that bounded into our lives shortly before the world locked down. She loves long walks on the beach whenever its permissible, chasing lizards and cuddling with her humans. Luckily, she prefers chewing on tennis balls, and not action figures.