1:6 Scale Land Adventurer Variations

The bearded, flocked hair GI Joe Land Adventurer made its first appearance in 1970. The figure and uniforms went through several variations, including the ones shown below.

The main changes to the body types includes the switch from hard hands to Kung Fu grip hands in 1974. A muscle body with a regular head appeared in 1975. and finally, the muscle body with eagle eye heads was introduced in 1976.

Interesting aside: The flocked hair feature was invented by Palitoy in 1970, and became a GI Joe feature within the year. Kung-Fu (Gripping) hands made of a flexible vinyl, were developed by Action Man in 1973, and introduced to the GI Joe line the following year.

These reference charts were compiled to help collectors identify GI Joe, Adventure Team and Action Man 1:6 scale figures and accessories. We prefer to call them a work in progress, with room for additions, updates and the odd massaging of details. And photos. Lots of lovely photos.