Superb Vintage 1967 TM GI Joe Action Soldier ~ Combat Construction / Demolition


This hard working TM GI Joe is equipped with the Combat Construction and Combat Demolition sets. A Japan tagged Action Soldier uniform and several Action Soldier accessories nicely round out this set. The condition of the individual components is:

  • Vintage TM GI Joe with painted hard head has the 1964 Hasbro stamp on his butt. He is really clean for his age, with very light play wear. Just one forearm stress crack and a wear mark on his left butt cheek (see photo) on this lovely lad! Head and face paint paint have minimal rubs. Hands and feet are clean and intact. Joints are tight; he holds a very comfortable pose.
  • First Issue Army Fatigues with the correct 5 5 0 * snaps are both tagged Hasbro TM ® Japan. The shirt has two pockets, four buttons, and three snaps. Fatigues are in excellent condition with faint stains from light play wear. Fabric is otherwise brightly colored with no holes or tears noted.
  • GI Joe Fatigue cap, Hasbro TM ® stamped, made in the USA, is clean and intact with minimal play wear.
  • Tall Brown Combat Boots are clean and intact with light play wear. No splits, holes or other issues noted.
  • GI Joe TM ® Dog Tag with genuine ‘bead chain’ clasp is in very good vintage condition with light play wear and metal oxidization.
  • Orange Construction Helmet is clean and intact with minimal play wear.
  • Grey Construction Gloves are clean and brightly colored with minimal play wear. Wrist elastic is present and intact.
  • Vintage Jackhammer is stamped Hasbro ®. It is brightly painted with fully functioning tip. Spring is present and in perfect working order. Jack hammer tip is not broken and does not come out. Minimal paint/play wear noted.
  • Pick and Shovel are both stamped Hasbro ® Hong Kong. Both are clean and intact with light paint/play wear.
  • Detonator with strap and clean stenciled letters is stamped stamped Hasbro ® Hong Kong. It is clean and intact with very light play wear.
  • Three TNT Dynamite sticks are in excellent condition with minimal play wear.
  • Action Soldier Army Manual, printed in Japan, is clean and intact with no kiddie graffiti, stains or missing pages. Rust marks from staple holes are the only note.

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Weight 31 oz
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 3 in