Vintage 1970 Action Man Royal Palace Grenadier Guard


A Royal Palace Guardsman typically spends around six hours polishing and cleaning his uniform before going on duty. Happily, our vintage Action Man can slip into his 1970, late issue Grenadier Guards outfit without all that fuss or bother. Included with this collection is an original, hard to find Grenadier Guardsman storage box and leaflet, a highly informative and educational read. A detailed and complete description of each accessory is included below.

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Included in this set are:

  • Vintage Action Man figure with the correct 1964 Palitoy stamp on his back.  He is clean and complete with original gripping hands and hair. Joints are tight; he holds a comfortable pose. Light surface wear and light eye brow rubs. Stress cracks on both thighs and gripping hands are the main note.
  • Scarlet Parade Single Breasted Jacket with eight brass buttons down the front (this indicates which regiment, of which there are several, he belongs to), piping edged cuffs, fabric epaullettes, brass buttons and rear skirt. Late issue, thinner weave fabric is crisp and clean with no holes, tears, fading or missing components. Snaps/poppers are present and in perfect working order. A faint mark on the jacket front panel is hard to see but noted anyway.
  • Navy Trousers with red piping in later issue thin weave fabric are clean and complete with very light play wear. Brightly colored with no holes or fading noted. Snap is present and in perfect working order.
  • Bearskin Cap (the original towers around 18″ tall and weighs about 5 pounds) is clean and complete with white plume and gold braid chin strap.
  • Five-eyelet lace up boots with boots stamped Hasbro ® Hong Kong, and numbered 1 & 2. Exceptionally clean condition.
  • White PVC belt and brass colored buckle with Grenadier Guard’s inscription is clean and complete with brass connecting clips and buckle sections in perfect working order.
  • Bayonet, case and hard to find frog are clean and complete with no issues noted..
  • SLR (self loading) Rifle with the correct white rubber strap is clean and complete with minimal play wear.
  • Vintage Grenadier Guardsman storage box, cut from the original packaging, in good condition with bright clean graphics. Light play wear & partial separation noted at box flaps are the main note.
  • Original Grenadier Guardsman leaflet is clean with faint paper aging. No kiddie graffiti noted.

Please note: This vintage Action Man is a genuine Hasbro licensed article, made in a Hasbro quality controlled factory, of the same fine quality as accessories issued to GI Joe and Adventure Team lads. Display this genuine Hasbro treasure with pride.

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Dimensions 14 × 6 × 4 in