Vintage 1978 GI Joe Action Man Police Motorcycle Motor Bike Boxed Set


”Patrol the Motorways with Action Man!”

What adventure seeking child could resist a call like that? The police motorcycle offered here is a hitherto unused accessory of Palitoy Action Man’s Police Officer. It is fully equipped and includes the original vintage, motorcycle box plus the motorcycle instruction sheet and the original unused decal sheet.

This vintage Action Man Motorbike (or motorcycle, if you prefer) is still attached to the insert with original retaining ties with all parts present, including the fiddly two piece headlight/blue police light, phone with cord and antenna at the rear, kickstand, muffler, and the larger factory applied stickers. Additional small decals on separate decal sheet are yet to be applied.

This breathtakingly snowy white bike hasn’t the slightest hint of sun damage, so it’s a safe bet its been stored in the dark for most of its 40-plus years. This little treasure has never been assembled, but the original twist ties are not perfectly straight, so I suspect sections were removed by curious hands and carefully returned to the box. Scuffs from handling, a couple of chipped decals and a chipped horn (edges are soft so it could be a factory mold error; it’s hard to be sure) are the main notes; those blemished bits are shown together in one photo. Original vintage instruction sheet has minimal discoloration, which is awesome and unusual. The box has light shelf wear, primarily to edges, etc. But the flaps are all intact, the stars are in place and the graphics are brightly colored. Excellent! That pretty much covers it. Display with pride and try not to gloat. Okay. Maybe just a bit.

The photos are of the 1:6 scale boxed motor cycle set offered in this listing. Please look at the photos as they are part of the description, and feel free to ask questions.

Please note: This Action Man is the genuine Hasbro licensed article, made in a Hasbro quality controlled factory. It is the same fine quality as the accessories issued to GI Joe and Adventure Team lads. Display this genuine Hasbro treasure with pride.

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Weight 44 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 10 in