Vintage 1981-83 Action Man Royal Engineer with Book Style Card ~ GI Joe


This lucky vintage Action Man is fully attired in an off-card (book style display card is included with set), near mint 1981-83 Royal Engineer outfit. The condition of the figure and accessories is well above average. A detailed description of each item follows:

  • Action Man Royal Engineer’s book style storage card is clean and brightly illustrated, as noted in photos. Interior shows wear from being opened (a few split seams, but pretty gently handled overall)
  • Vintage Action Man figure with original flocked hair and repro gripping hands has the 1964 Palitoy stamp on his back. He is clean and intact with reasonably tight joints; he holds a comfortable pose. Only one stress crack noted on the back of one thigh. Light eye brow rubs and light surface wear. Faint blue marks on face is the main note. Display with pride.
  • Battledress Jacket with all snaps and oftentimes missing insignias present. The jacket is in near mint condition with minimal handling noted. Fabric shows no signs of fading or play wear.
  • Matching trousers with one pocket and single snap is  in near mint condition with minimal handling noted. Fabric shows no signs of fading or play wear.
  • Helmet is clean and intact with chin strap, hook and lugs present. No visible play wear.
  • Knitted scarf is brightly colored with no issues noted.
  • Correct late issue, single mold (no right or left) short black boots are in off card, near mint condition with no visible play wear.
  • Tan rubber webbing is complete and intact with no issues noted.
  • Fairbairn–Sykes fighting knife (dagger) is lovely and without issue.
  • Correct green water bottle is intact. No play wear, however, there are melt marks on the plastic canteen, a chemical reaction from contact with rubber webbing.
  • Lee Enfield Rifle with late issue rubber strap is clean and complete with all attachments present and intact. Really small melt marks/wear from contact with box contents are hard to see but noted anyway.
  • Mine Detector (non-working version) with head phones is clean and intact. The initials “J.E” are faintly carved into handle base are hard to see but noted anyway.

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The photos are of the actual 1:6 scale action figure offered in this listing. Please take a moment and look at the photos as they are part of the description and feel free to ask questions.

Please note: ​This Action Man figure and carded set is a genuine Hasbro licensed article, made in a Hasbro quality controlled factory. It is the same fine quality as the accessories issued to GI Joe and Adventure Team lads. Display this genuine Hasbro treasure with pride.

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Weight 37 oz
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 6 in