Vintage 1984 Group Action Joe Spelunker (Caver) w/ Action Man Adventurer


Our vintage Action Man Adventurer is attired in an ultra rare vintage 1984 Group Action Joe Spelunker (Speleologue) outfit, similar to the Action Man Underground rescue set. We snapped the last two photos shown here at a spelunker cave in France that we visited last year. Walking through that frigidly cold network of underground caves makes one appreciate the sort of person you’d have to be (lots of nerves and grit) to first step foot in that inhospitable, and yet starkly beautiful, subterranean world.

Our lucky lad comes equipped with a number of cool spelunker accessories, some familiar, many tricky to find, especially the dark brown cloth harness that is unique to this set. Their condition is as follows:

  • Vintage Action Man has the correct Palitoy stamp on his lower back. He is super clean with very light play wear. Tight joints; he holds a very comfortable pose. Professionally reflocked hair is thick and bright. Only one thigh stress crack on this lovely lad. Very light eyebrow rubs. Repro hands in excellent condition. Display with pride.
  • Pristine vintage overalls with Action Joe ® Made in Hong Kong nylon tag. Outfit is constructed of a lightweight orange fabric with elastic waistband and correct heavy weight green cloth backing on front opening. Three front snaps are all present and in perfect working order.
  • Dark brown cloth belt and a matching brown cloth harness that is unique to this set. Belt and harness are brightly colored with no rips, tears or fading. Plastic harness strap is intact with minimal, if any, play wear.
  • Tall brown boots numbered 1 & 2 are straight out of package. No signs of wear other than two pinholes near rim where they were attached to the original packaging.
  • White plastic miner’s helmet with black rubber chin strap is super clean and intact with minimal play wear.
  • Accessories accompanying this set include: a yellow rope ladder with grappling hook, a yellow rope coil, a canteen with clip, a storm lamp with bulb and oftentimes missing spring present (no battery, so bulb is untested) hammer, pitons and karabiners on a yellow cord, and an ice axe. They are all super clean and intact with minimal play wear.

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The photos are of the actual 1:6 scale action figure offered in this listing. Please note the rocky bits are not included. Please take a moment and look at the photos as they are part of the description and feel free to ask questions.

Please note: This vintage Action Man and Group Action Joe outfit is a genuine Hasbro licensed article, made in a Hasbro quality controlled factory. It is the same fine quality as the accessories issued to GI Joe and Adventure Team lads. Display this genuine Hasbro treasure with pride.

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Weight 17 oz
Dimensions 14 × 6 × 4 in